Law of Karma


Actions, deeds or karma means what you do or don’t do.

God is watching
दवा सुपर्णा सायुजा सखाया समानं वृक्षं परिषस्वजाते ।
तयोरन्यः पिप्पलं स्वाद्वत्तनश्नन्नन्योअभिचाकशीति।।

Meaning : Two birds of beautiful wings, the individual human soul and the Supreme Soul of the universe, both friends and companions, together nest on the same one tree of existence. Of the two, one, the individual human souL eats the fruit with relish and enjoys as well as suffers the consequences. The other, the Supreme Soul, simply watches comprehensively round without eating anything. So God is watching and any action, non-action, good deed, bad deed, eating, drinking breathin ‘: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, thinking and speaking are karma. Anything humans do and do not do is Karma. Therefore, humans continue to do karma as long as they live. There is not a time when one is not doing karma. The creator keeps record of all our karmas

As You Sow, so Shall You Reap
न किल्बिषमत्रनाधारो अस्ति यनिमत्रेः सम्ममान् एति ।
एनूनं पात्रं निहितं न एतत्पक्र्तारं पक्वःपुनरा विशाति ।।AV-12.3.48

Meaning : There is nothing short, no want, no void in the God’s system here in life, nor props nor false supports, no one can go on without one’s own identity on stilts provided by friends. The life before us is full and perfect, prepared and provided by our own selves by our own karma. The dish one has cooked presents itself before the one that has cooked it. One must taste the fruit of one’s own action.

Performing Karma
Actions done with free will have karmic consequences. Karma is done through thought, speech and action. Every human is responsible of their own karma. Nobody is responsible for anybody else’s karma. Good karma brings favorable results and bad karma brings unfavorable results. Karma is done only by humans. Non_humans do not do karma, rather they are reaping the consequences of the karma done by them, when human in their past life.

Hard Work brings Happiness
क्रीतं में दक्षिणे हस्ते जयो में सव्य आहितः।
गोजिद्भयासमाश्वजिद्धनंज्यो हिरण्यजित ।।

Meaning : With action in my victory lies collected in the left. Let me be the winner of Cows, lands, and culture, horses and achievement, money and wealth of gold and grace.

Nobody Escapes the Law of Karma
वृकशि्चदस्य वारण उरामथिरा वयुनेषु भूषति ।
सेमं नः स्तोमं जुजुषान आ गहीन्द्र प्रचित्र्याधिया ।। RV-8.66.8

Meaning : The wolf, its counterforce elephant, and the theif all have to accept and follow the laws of this God Indra. May He, loving and cherishing our song of adoration’ listen and come with gifts of clear and un- illusive intelligence and understanding.

Prayer For Goodness
इदमापः प्रवहत यत्किंच्दुरितं मयि।
यदव्हामभिदुद्रोह यद्वा शेप् उतान्रीतम ।। RV- 1.23.22

Meaning : May these holy waters wash off and carry away whatever evil there be in me, whatever I hate, or whatever I curse, or whatever false there be in me.

Never Stop Doing Good Deeds –
कुर्वन्नेवेह कर्माणिजिजीवर्षिच्छतं समाः।
एवं त्वयिनान्यथेतोस्ति न लिप्यते नरे ।। YV-40.2

Meaning : Only doing one’s duty here should everyone wish to live for a full hundred years. Only this way- there is no other way-Karma does not smear the soul of man within.

Demonical Souls Sunk in Darkness
असुर्य्या नाम ते लोकाअन्धेन तमसावृताः।
तांस्ते प्रेत्यापि गच्छन्ति ये के चात्महनो जनाः।। YV-40.3

Meaning : Surely after death and even while living, demonical souls sunk in darkness who kill thei:consience and live only a physical existence (void of virtue) go to those sunless regions of the world which are covered in, the impenetrable darkness of sufferance.

See God in Every Thing
यस्तु सर्वाणि भूतान्यात्मन्नेवानुपश्यति।
सर्वभूतेषू चात्मानं ततो न विचिकित्सति ।।YV-40.6

Meaning : Who sees all the forms of existence existing within the Supreme Soul, and the Supreme Soul immanent in all the forms of being, suffers from no doubt or illusion.

What Goes Around Comes Around
असदभूम्याः सम्भवत्त्द्यामेतिमहद व्यचः।
तद्वै ततो विधूपायत्प्रत्यक्कर्तारम्रीच्छत ।।AV-C19.6

Meaning : Whatever is false, untrue and negative born of the earth, even if it grows and rises to the skies, ultimately returns to its root cause, torturing its own aeator and the perpetrator.

Everyone Do Good Deeds by Themselves
स्वयं वाजिन्स्नशतन्वं कल्पयस्व स्वयं यजस्व स्वयं जुषस्व ।
महिमा ते’न्येन न सन्नशे ।।YV-23.15

Meaning : Man of knowledge, seeker of advancement; develop yourself by yourself. Do the yajna (charity) of joint work by your own choice. Serve the scholars and society by yourself. Your eminence and value must not be destroyed by others. All individuals are responsible for their own actions. Therefore, every single individual needs to do this part of charity, virtuousness and meditation etc.


Right is Protected Wrong is destroyed
सविज्ञानं चिकित्षे जनाय सच्चासच्चवचसी पस्परीधाते ।
तयोर्यत्सत्यं यतरद्रीजीयस्तदित्सोमो वति हन्त्यासत ।। AV 8.412

Meaning : Words of truth and of untruth rival and contend with each other. Of these, the one that is true and to the extent that it is simple and natural. Soma, God of peace, harmony and goodness, protects and preserves; the untrue, he destroys. This simple and straight natural knowledge, the God reveals for the man who is keen to know the truth and reality of life.

Accept Truth Reject Untruth
यद्ध त्यन्मित्रावरुणावृताद्धयाददाथे अंरीतं स्वेन मन्युना दक्षस्य स्वेन मन्युना ।
युवोरित्थाधि सद्मस्वपश्याम हिरण्यम ।
धीभिश्चम मनसा स्वेभिरक्षमिः सोमस्य स्वेभिरक्षभिः।। RV -1.139.2

Meaning : All ought to accept truth and reject untruth with due diligence, and enjoy life by indulging mind and senses in righteous works. Thuth means honesty , justice righteous, virtuousness, kindness, helpfulness , knowing right from wrong believing and accepting only ane God who is creator of universe. It is an individual responsibility to know the facts and adopt them in one’s life, and to reject everything that is contravry to the facts.

The structure of the human form is represented in the form of a horse-drawn carriage.

In the analogy, in the picture above

*The horses represent the five senses-touch, taste, smell, seeing and hearing – as well as five the action organs (hands, feet, mouth, generative and excretion organs).

*The Rein represents mindmana (strings that control the horses that is five senses and five active organs.

*The Charioteer represents the intellectbudhi (decision maker and controller of all)

*Passenger is the Atma or soul.

The carriage will take the passenger to its destination only if the charioteer (driver) follows instructions from the passenger and has control over the horses with the help of reins. Hence, a skillful charioteer is needed. A charioteer who is lazy or under the influence of other substances will take it to the no where-land and the passenger will be left in limbo.

Just as a skillful charioteer is needed to reach its destination; sharp. clear and sound intellect is needed to control and guide the mind, senses and the the body. Only sharp intellect/budhi can discriminate right from wrong and follow the righteous path. Right intellect is the key for one to make progress in this 7fe and beyond.
The human body is considered to be a rented one. It continuously requires rent in the form of air, water and food.

Mind stays with the soul. Mind is a source of knowledge and action for the soul. Mind links with body and body contacts with the outer world for knowledge and actions. If mind is not with body, no action takes place. In the absence of mind, one does not see even if the eyes are open. one does not hear even the loudest voices. Mind consists of a storehouse (ahmkar). Ahmkar is where all related actions, non-actions, thoughts, knowledge, experiences and words are stored. Storage is from the current life as well as previous lives from the beginning of times. Only recent and strong thoughts are reflected upon, the rest stay deep down in storage. You get out what you put in. The soul gets a new mind after one has attained Moksha or liberation. That is the only fresh start for the soul. Until then, all happenings keep getting stored on the same mind life after life.

Intellect (BudhiIDecision making)
Intellect (budhi) is most important for soulatma. Intellect consists of a screen (chitta), where memories and experiences are reflected from the storehouse (akmkar). When making decisions, intellect memories and experiences. All the ahmkar which are reflected on the chitta.

Intellect controls the mind and the senses. Only righteous intellect makes right decisions. unrighteous intellect makes wrong decisions. The decisions one makes can make or break the person. That is why the most important Vedic prayer is the Gaitri Mantra (prayer for a righteous intellect).

For example, a farmer plants grains in the field. After irrigation, fertilizers and sprays etc. to grow, the farmer brings home the crop, and keeps it in storage. All the work he did was his karma, deed or actions. Grains in storage are his destiny. So he had to work for his destiny. One may loe able to use their destiny immediately or at a later time. Another example is when one commits a crime, but do not get caught. This unpunished action becomes ‘destiny’ and it’s punishment will come back later as a bad luck or misfortune.
God keeps account of all our actions. Some of our actions are immediately rewarded or punished as the case may be. Others are returned to us at an appropriate time as a destiny. God does not give good or bad results of His own. It is all that one has done in the past, but was not been rewarded earlier. Under God’s justice system no action of humans goes unrewarded.

Shaloka ‘vinaash kaale vipreet budhi’, means, when the bad time comes, the intellect (budhi) is diverted to take wrong decisions. The same is true when the good time comes the decisions are made accordingly. Destiny is awarded through intellect. God does not stand with a gun to one’s head to make a person do something, to award himher with a particular destiny. He just changes his intellect accordingly.

The Goal is Happiness
The goal of the soul is to achieve happiness. And, happiness can be achieved only by giving happiness to others. Falsehood and injustice brings misery.

Soul is Greatest
It is said that the human body is great. But, the mind is greater. Intellect (budhi) is still greater and the soul is the greatest of all.

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We create events aiming to spear the voice for children and gather for support. Please update

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