Who to Worship?

Who to Worship?

Worship Only the Absolute
यो भूतं च भव्यं च् सर्व यष्चाधितिष्ठि्त।
स्वर्यस्य च् केवलं तस्मै ज्येष्ठाय ब्रह्मणे नमः।। AV-10.81
Meaning : To the One Supreme Absolute Brahma who ordains, rules and presides over all that is, has been, and all that shall be, whose nature and being is pure light and absolute joy, homage of worship and surrender.

Worshipper of Forms Fall in Deep Darkness
अन्धन्तमः प्रविशन्तिये सम्भूतिमुपासते ।
ततो भूय इव ते तमो य सम्भूत्यां रताः।। YV-40.9
Meaning : Down into the darkest dark do they fall who worship only the primordial prakriti (nature). StilI deeper and darker do they fall who worship only the existential forms and are lost therein. The Worshipping we do is not for God. It does not affect God in any way. Worshipping God means thinking of His qualities and making those qualities part of your own life. For example – He always does justice without any prejudice; He always does the right thi:g lsehoelydaoned anything wrong; God knows everything; God is holy and does not have any flaws; God is k nd kindness he has given thousands of things four use. We too ought to be just, righteous, knowledge, holy and kind, etc. to uplift our soul. This is the ture meaning of God’s Worship.

Praise, Pray and Meditate: God is worshiped in three ways:

1. Glorification or praise – Devotion and praise of God creates love for Him. Emulating His qualities of Justice, Kindness, Caring and Nurturing,etc is the purpose of God’s praise.
हिरण्मयेन पात्रेण सत्यस्यापिहितं मुखम्।
योsसावादित्ये पुरुषः सोsसावहम्।
ओ३म् खं ब्रह्म।। YV 40.17
Meaning: The face of truth is covered by a golden veil.
The veil is removed by the Lord of golden glory. (Material attractions does not let one know the truth, only by Gods wiJl one knows the truth). The life and light that shines in the sun is that Supreme Purusha (God). That is there, and that is here in me. Om is the savior. Om is Brahma, Brahma is infinite, sublime.

2. Prayers bring humility and courage. Prayers followed with sincere efforts bring result . For example, if one is praying for wisdom and guidance, he/she ought to make all the efforts to get it by reading, listening,thinking,and analyzing what was heard or read, then examining for facts. When one is in a situation and not been able to decide or know the right path. meditation also helps. A well-known quote is “God helps those who help themselves.” Prayers should be for the virtue, never to destroy personal enemies. God is the ultimate judge and His justice will eventually prevail.
Prayer for Enlightenment
पुनन्तु मा देवजनाः पुनन्तु मनसा धियः।
पुनन्तु विश्वा भूतानिजातवेदः पुनीहिमा।। YV-19.39
Meaning : Jataveda, lord of light and knowledge, purify and enlighten me. May all the saints and sages purify me. Purify my intelligence and understanding with divine knowledge and science. May all the living beings. in fact everything of the wide world, lead me to knowledge and purity.

Prayer to Vanish Evil Worldwide
विश्वानि देव सवितर्दुरितानिपरा सुव ।
यद्भद्रं तन्नआसुव ।। YV-30.3
Meaning : Savita, glorious lord of inspiration, light and life, remove all the evil of the world from us, and bless us with all that is good.

Prayer for Noble Thoughts
यज्जाग्रतो दूरमुदेतिदेवं तदु सुप्तस्य तथेवेती ।
दूर्गम ज्योतिषां ज्योतिरेकं तन्मे मनः शिवसंकल्पमस्तु।। YV-34.1
Meaning : The ‘Daiva mind’, perceptive faculty of the intelligent soul, which in the waking state goes far and shines, which in the dream state also roams around the same way and take us far, that o unique light of lights that mind of mine,I pray: be full of noble thoughts, intentions and resolutions.

Prayer for Honesty and Simplicity
अग्ने नय सुपथा रायेsअस्मान् विश्वानि देव वयुनानि विद्वान।
युयोध्यस्मज्जुहुराणमेनो भूयिष्ठां ते नमsउकि्ंत विधेम।। YV-40.16
Meaning : Agni, brilliant lord omni i laws and ways of existence,Iead us to the wealth of life by the right path of honesty Remove from us all sin and crookedne the most joyous songs of celebration in praise of you. Homage to you again and again.

Prayer for Peace
शं नो मित्रः शं वरुणः शं नो भवत्वर्यमा।
शं न इन्द्रो ब्रहस्पतिः शं नो विष्णुरुरुक्रमः।। RV-1.90.9
Meaning : May Mitra bless us with peace. May Varuna bring us peace. MayAryama lead us to peace. May Indra and Brhaspati shower us with peace. May Vishnu, lord of mighty action, bless us with peace and action. (Mitra-Friend, Varuna-Pure, Aryama-Judge, Indra-All powerful, Brahaspati- Greatest, Vishnu-AlI Pervading – all names used here are for same one God).

Prayer for Purity of Mind
परो पेहिमनस्पाप् किमशस्तानि शंससि ।
परेहिनत्वा कामये वृक्षां वनानिसं चर ग्रीहेषु गोष मे मनः।।AV-6.45.1
Meaning : Go off, evil of the mind, why do you present things undesirable? Ke off. I do not want you. Go about woods and :pe . My mindis in and with the home and homely thoughts and perceptions.

Do not let me sin
यदिजाग्रद्यदिस्वपन्नेन एनस्यो करम।
भूतं मा तस्माद्धव्यं च् द्रपदादिव मुञ्चताम ।। AV-6.115.2
Meaning : Whatever the sin or evil I have committed or I have wished to commit, whether when awake or asleep, then, the sinner as I am, may all people now present and a that will be present in future rescue me from that sin like one tied to the stake.

Prayer for Blessings
अन्नादयेन यशसा तेजसा ब्राह्मनवर्चसेन।।AV-13.4.49
Meaning : Look at me love and favor, bless me with food and nours ‘nt, hono and fame, luster and splendor, and he ligX a:d brilliance worthy of a brahma (God).

3. Meditation – The Sanskrit word for meditation is Upaasna, meaning sitting near, or sitting with God.With meditation the soul gets rid of impurities, pains and suffering; it becomes pure and content. In addition to many divine benefits, the soul becomes capable of facing mountain of misery without getting mentally disturbed.
Worshipping God is showing gratitude for His kindness God has provided this Wonderful creation and things, not to think of him for this is being ungrateful.

More Prayers and Blessings – Common Prayer
ओजो स्योजो मे दाः।। सहो सिसहो मे दाः।। बलमसि बलं मे दाः।।
आयुर स्यायुर्मे दाः।। श्रो त्रमसि श्रोत्रं मे दाः।। चक्षुरसि चक्षुर्मे दाः।। AV-2.17.1- 6

Meaning : 1. You are the life and luster of existence. Give me the luster of life.
2. You are courage, patience and fortitude in the spirit of invincible challenge. Give me courage, patience and fortitude.
3.You are the strength of life.Give me strength of body, mind, and soul.
4.You are the life itself beyond death. Give me full good health and full age.
5. You are universal power of the ear. Give me the power of hearing for the divine Word
6. You are the eye of the universe. Give me the divine vision.

Noble Thoughts to come Flowing from All Directions
आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतो दब्धासो अपरितास उद्धिदः।
देवा नो यथा सदमिद वृधे असन्नप्रायुवो रक्षितारो दिवेदिवे।। RV-1.89.1
Meaning : From all sides, may noble thoughts, actions and meritorious people come and bless us, people fearless, indispensable, creative and all round saviors. Long lived they be, these noble ones of divine character, ever progressive and protective for us so that our life and home may grow and advance day by day

Be good and sweet
मधुवाता रितायाते मधु क्षरन्तिसिन्धवः। माध्वीर्नः सन्त्वोजधीः।। YV-13.27
Meaning : The winds blow cool and sweet as honey. The streams and ocean-currents flow cool and sweet as honey May the herbs and trees be as sweet and pleasant as honey. (Let us too be good and sweet in our conduct as the winds, the streams and the herbs and trees, observing the law and ethics of value.)

कल्पन्तां ते दिशस्तुभ्यमापः शिवतमामास्तुभ्यं भवन्तु सिन्धवः।
अन्तरिक्षंशिवं तुभ्यं कल्पन्तां ते दिशः सर्वाः।। YV-35.9
Meaning : May the space be harmonious and good to you. May the waters be soothing and blissful to you . May the rivers and the seas be kind and favorable to you. May the skies be kind and generous. And may all the directions feed, nourish, strengthen and season you with love and kindness (for life and death).

Nothing belongs to you
ईशावास्यमिदं सर्व यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत।
तेन त्यक्तेन भुंजीथा मा गृधाः कस्य स्विद्धनम्।। YV -40.1
Meaning : All this that is moving in the moving universe, is pervaded by the Ruling Lord of Existence. Therefore,live it as given by him, enjoy it objectively in a spirit of detachment . Covet not anyone’s wealth. It belongs to none (except to the Lord).

Day and Night be Auspicious
भद्राहं नो मध्यन्दिने भद्राह सायमस्तु नः।
भद्राहं नो अह्रां प्राता रात्रि भद्राहमस्तु नः।। AV – 6.128.2
Meaning : Let the day be auspicious for us at mid-day, let the day be auspicious in the evening, let the day be auspicious for us in the morning, and let the night too of every day be auspicious for us.

Never Trade Morals for Wealth
महे चन त्वामद्रिवः परा शुल्काय देयाम ।
न सहस्त्राय नायुताय वर्जिवो न शताय शतामघ।।RV -8.1.5
Meaning : O lord of infinite wealth power and majesty wielder of the thunderbolt of justice and punishment breaker of the clouds and mountains, bless may that I may never give up my devotion to you for the greatest material return, not for a thousand, not for a million, not even for the boundless wealth of the world.

Havan, Yajna or Holy Fire
Another way to worship God is, with holy fire. Holy fire is called havan or yajna. Vedas speak very highly of havan (holy fire). Holy fire is the Vedas answer to many humaan caused problems such as pollution, gloabal warming, mental and physical diseases, natural calamities such as drought or floods etc.

Following mantras shed Some light in this respect:
समिधागि्नंदुवस्यत धृतैः बोधयतातिथिम् आस्मिन् हव्या जुहोतन. YV-3.1
Meaning : Light up the fire and raise it with fuel, serve it like an honorable guest with pure ghee (clarified butter), and offer rich oblations of samagri (herbs) into it. With love and faith.

अन्नपते न्नस्य नो देहनsमीवस्य शुष्मिणः।
प्रप्र दातारं तारिष उर्ज नो धेहिदिव्पदे चतुष्पदे।। YV-11.83
Meaning : God of food and energy. bless us with food, nourishing,invigorating, free from pollution and pleasing to taste. Bless the giver, the yajamana (host), to advance and attain fulfillment and prosperity.

Give us energy both for humans and the animals.
य आत्मदा बलदा यस्य विश्व उपासते प्रशिषं यस्य देवाः।
यस्य छाया मृतं यस्य मृत्युः कस्मे देवाय हविषा विधेम ।।YV.-25.13
Meaning : The Lord who is the giver of birth (body) to the soul with its power and potential, whose glory all the divinities of the world celebrate in song, whose shade of protection is immortality and falling off is death, to Him we offer our homage and worship in hymns with havi (holy fire offerings).

भद्रं कर्णेभिः श्रीणुयाम देवा भद्रं पश्येमाक्षभिर्यजत्राः।
स्थिरेरगेस्तुष्टुवा सस्तनुभीवर्यशेमहिदेवहितं यदायुः।। YV 25.21
Meaning : Devas, men of knowledge and divinity, dedicated to yajna, may we hear only good with our ears, may we see only good with our ears,may we see only good with our eyes. Singing songs of praise with strong and stable limbs, may we live our full span of life, enjoying with strong and healthy bodies in the service of God and the divines.

यां मेधां देवगणाः पितरश्चोपास्ते।
तया मामद्य मेधयाग्ने मेधाविन कुरु स्वाहा।। YV-32.14
Meaning : Agni, lord of light and knowledge, I pray, enlighten me here and now with that discriminative intelligence which the noblest people of pie guardians of humanity value and pray for voice of the heart in truth of word and deed.

Havan is the Vedas solution to the problem of air and water pollution.
सामन्नु राये निधिमन्न्वन्नं करामहे सु पुरुध श्रवांसि।
ता नो विश्वानिजरिता ममत्तु परातरं सु निर्ऋतिर्जिहीताम्।।RV-10.59.2
Meaning : With great devotion Yajnas are performed by reciting mantras and singing hymn of Sama Veda. Great attention with faith is paid to wise counsel. Hard work is put in to obtain the material bounties and food. Thus life is sweetened and such a life drives away all the miseries and misfortunes.

अभी ष्वर्यः पौंस्यैर्भवेम द्यौर्न भूमिगिरयो नार्जान।
ता नो विश्वानिजरिता चिकेत परातरं सु निर्ऋतिर्जिहीताम्।।RV-10.59.3
Meaning : By our learning to live according to laws of the nature, just as solar radiations enrich the entire earth, rains from clouds enrich the entire earth, by living a natural life style, all the opposing elements are overpowered by the blessings of the Almighty, and that drives all the miseries and misfortunes far away.

तत् त्वा यामिब्रह्माणा वन्दमानस्तदा शास्ते यजमानो हविर्भिः।
अहेलमानो वरुणेह बोध्युरुशंस मा न आयुः प्रमोषीः।।RV-24.11
Meaning : Varuna, lord ruler of the s celebrated by many. I come to you singing in worship the hymns of divinity, offering holy fragrance in yajna with faith and reverence. Lord kind and gracious, give us the light of life here itself. Let not our life waste away.

तदिन्नक्तं तद् दिवा महयमाहुस तदयं केतो ह्रद आ विचष्टे।
शुनःशेपो यमह्रद् गृभीतः सो अस्मान् राजा वरूणो मुमोक्तु।।RV-1.24.12
Meaning : In my irmer heart I hear the voice advising me to live orderly life, by giving up hedonistic ways. I seek the blessing to lead a life in tune with order of Nature.

अव ते हेलो वरुण नमोभिरव यज्ञेभिरीमहे हविभिः।
क्षयन्नस्मभ्यमसुर प्रचेता राजन्नेनांसि शिश्रथः कृतानि।। RV-1.24.14
Meaning : We want to undo the wrath of nature that we have brought upon ourselves (by our neglect of our duties) now by performing Yajnas and offering of havis in the Yajnas. (Yajnas are defined as triple act on consisting of charity, community participation and humble prayerful actions by offering of havis in to fire. Offering of haviin to fire is offerings for entire community, atmosphere and living creatures, not in pursuit of personal selfish ends).

What is Holy Fire?
By reciting Veda mantras oblations are offered in fire with ingredients that can remove impurities from air and water and are beneficial to human beings. Fire expands their effect and spreads it far and near in the air, killing disease_causing germs. Also, the affected air, coming down as rain has a beneficial effect on crops, trees, plants and all living beings.

Requirements for Havan :
1. Fragrance_giving herbs such as saffron, cardamom and sandalwood.
2.Vitality-providing grains such as wheat, rice and butter oil (ghee).
3.Sweets such as raisins, dates and honey.
4.Antibacterial herbs.
5.The wood used as fuel is supposed to be of the kind that gives less smoke and less foul smell when burnt e.g. mango wood.
6.The havan pot (called Yajnakund) ls specially designed for this purpose. It stops the fire froj spreading on the sides and helps to get more fire with less fuel.

All human beings are responsible for polluting air and water, in one way or the other, it is the sacred duty of all to do havan and purify the environment. If everyone did havan on the daily basis, as recommended, there will not be any pollution or global warming.

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We create events aiming to spear the voice for children and gather for support. Please update

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